Max’s career in the film industry was part of the “Weimar Cinema” era which spanned between Germany’s defeat at the end of World War I in 1918, and Hitler’s rise to power in 1933.

This period was also characterized by the flourishing of the arts and sciences and is frequently described as one of the most intellectual periods in human history. Germany was the country with the most advanced science, technology, literature, philosophy and art and 1920s Berlin was at the center of this culture.

Nivelli’s Production Companies
In 1918 Nivelli established his first film production company – “Nivelli-Film Fabrikation”, with partner Erwin Kampf. That same year the company produced four full-length feature films. Nivelli himself wrote the script for his first film “Pathways of Life” and even played and sang the part of the opera singer.

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The following year he ended that partnership and formed “Nivo-Film & Co.”, a new production company. He then teamed up with Austrian director Joseph Delmont to produce the films “Ritual Murder” and “Humanity Unleashed”. These films were of social and political nature and became the most successful and well known films of his career………….

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Import, Export & Rental of films

Nivelli was also involved in other aspects of the film industry. As an executive in the “Foreign Film Corporation”, he dealt with export and import of international films, distribution and rental of films. The company had also business with the “Foreign Film Corporation” in Buenos Aires and with “Metro Pictures Corporation” in New York. Max held stocks in the company and in 1925 served as manager.